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A Fundraising Tradition

Each year Mickman Brothers works with nearly 3,000 non-profit, volunteer organizations to help fund their activities and support their missions. To date, these organizations have collectively earned in excess of $80 million in fundraising profits to sustain themselves and their efforts.

MickmanHolidayGifts.com is yet one more way these organizations can earn the funding necessary to support their activities. Each of these organizations appreciates your support without which they would not be able to sustain themselves.

All of us at Mickman Brothers thank you for supporting a volunteer, youth based organization. We also appreciate you relying on us to craft and deliver each of these Holiday Everegreen gifts to help you and others welcome home friends and family for the Holidays. We pledge to do all we can to make this gift sincerely appreciated in every way by your loved ones.

John S. Mickman
John Mickman, Founder


2013 TestimonialTroop 379 Testimonial

Over the past several years, our group has earned more than $15,000 to help defray the costs of summer camp in places like Seattle, Connecticut and California; high-adventure trips to hike the Grand Canyon and canoe the Colorado River; and cover the costs of Troop dues and other related expenses. This is one of the simplest and most successful fundraisers available. 

Troop 379